We’ve discussed some options of yours in case you want to join a group that is brought together by their passion for cycling. But what if you want to do it solo? That’s totally understandable, because while bike rides can be a great way to engage socially and find like-minded individuals, it is an equally good opportunity to take a break from the fast pace of modern life, get a good workout or explore some nature trails you’ve had an eye on for quite some time. And for the most part, that’s done best when done alone. So let’s take a look at some locations and trails that might strike your fancy when you consider your next weekend’s activities.

Seattle Urban loop

From Gas Works Park to Gas Works Park! As the name suggests, it’s a loop, and it’s an awesome one for all those who are enthusiasts of urban cycling (yes, it’s not just mountain or backcountry biking that has its group of devoted fans). It’s a 30-mile ride, and the perfect way to experience Seattle’s sights and sounds in all their glory. Astounding views, Chinatown International district, the Seattle waterfront and the University of Washington; these are just a few of noteworthy points of interest you will encounter along the way. All in all, this loop is a must for every cycling enthusiast in Washington, at least once.

Centennial Trail

The complete opposite of the busy Seattle Urban loop, Centennial Trail is for all those looking for peace and quiet. Stretching north from Snohomish to Arlington, it is perfect for a family’s outing or a group of friends who wants to have an active weekend and also chat along the way. It gets you away from the urban areas and lets you explore the idyllic pasturelands and the countryside. Combine the trail with some quiet country roads, and you have yourself a full day’s worth of cycling!

Cycling in Washington
Cycling in Washington

Lopez Island

This one will not be the easiest one to get to! That is if you consider a beautiful and not-so-long ferry ride to be an inconvenience. In all seriousness, it is a pretty challenging bike ride as almost the entire way on the Ferry Road and the Military Road after that is up the hill. But it’s so worth it! The sights are beyond words. Plus, the island is very small (a loop around it is approximately 33 miles), so there is really no wrong way, and it is more flat than some of the neighbouring ones, so essentially you can choose paths that do not present such a challenge but still offer beautiful rural sights. If you happen to be there on a Saturday, don’t miss their awesome farmer’s market!

The South Lake Washington Loop

Mount Rainier, a couple of hills and the sights of southern end of lake Washington – all of that is yours if you decide to spend the day on The South Lake Washington Loop! While it is somewhat urban, it is peaceful and relaxing, making it a perfect 30-mile Sunday ride. There are a couple of tricky intersections, so be sure to have navigation!