Silverdale is a rather peculiar little place. With around 20,000 people and its census-designated status, Silverdale is home to many things, starting with breathtaking nature. However, one of the main attributes that has given the town a strong standing in terms of influential cities in the USA is the newly established Navy Base Kitsap, which is one of the very few bases installed in early 21st century. With the navy moving in, the interest in its functions and day-to-day life naturally started growing. Next thing you know, the top must-visit places in Silverdale are all the likes of naval museums. Let’s take a look at some that are really worth stepping a foot into if you’re at all interested in anything se-related.

U.S. Naval Undersea Museum

Boasting a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor, this museum is among the most impressive places where your can see the machines that are used and the processes that go on inside the navy. The museum is dedicated to preserving and collecting naval heritage with the hopes of helping people get to know the U.S. Navy from up close. And they really live up to those words, as both parking ad admission to the museum are completely free of charge! The museum is highly interactive and presents a lot of information that would otherwise be too technical in an approachable and understandable way. Overall, even if you’re not the biggest fan of marine life, standing next to a deep submersible gives a different perspective on how the underwater endeavors of the navy are carried out, and it’s impressive!

Poulsbo Marine Science Center (SEA Discovery Center)

It recently changed its name, but the mission remained the same, which is to get people acquainted with the sea wildlife. It takes the idea of interactivity to a whole new level by providing the visitors with a touch tank where they can physically touch sea urchins and sea stars (although it’s seemingly innocent, it has received some heat from animal rights activists). Regardless of how you feel about that tank, the rest of the place is well-worth seeing as well, especially since it is free of charge. Keep in mind that the center is operated by Western Washington University, so it’s really a quality place to get some engaging lessons about the world around us. Don’t expect to spend the whole day there! And hour or so for a visit is more than enough and the place can be equally enjoyed by the adults and the little ones alike.

Puget Sound Navy Museum

Staffed by veterans who volunteer to share their knowledge with the public regarding the Pudget Sound Navy Shipyard and the U.S. Military in general, the museum with free-of-charge admission exhibits a lot of pieces related to naval history. Expect to find a friendly atmosphere and for the volunteers to share some stories you will most likely never hear anywhere else!

Puget Sound Navy Museum